Monday, July 5, 2010

Movies with music are so common in Asian cinema especially in the Bollywood context. Bollywood Movies contained 6, 7 songs in the past, basically the key reason to make the movie popular in Indian cinema. Awara, Aradhana, Veer Zaara and Om Shanthi Om are some of the good examples from the Indian cinema supporting the above mentioned idea. It’s not a secret that the movie fans are much concerned about songs and music than the story in Bollywood movie world.

Hollywood cinema is completely different from this theme, where Background music is used to pop-up the situation of the scene to the viewer. It’s really rare to find songs and dance in Hollywood, like in Bollywood cinema. I hope the reason is that most Indian movies are based on love stories and Hollywood movies are created on different themes like family life, adventures, horror and action. By the way, even though we don’t feel much, every Hollywood movie has a big set of music tracks. For an instance James Cameron’s “Titanic” contained 15 music tracks, and the movie “The Mummy” labeled as a type horror and adventure also contained 15 music tracks. It is difficult to find an English movie with as much as songs, compared to a movie in Bollywood cinema. If there are movies like that nature, the number should be less than the number of fingers on both hands.

Robert Wise’s “The Sound of Music” in 1965 is one of the golden symbols among above movie set. It also has become a milestone in Hollywood cinema not because of its songs and music, but because of the story, theme and also the acting of characters of the movie.

The story of the movie is full of love, happiness, pain, hate and relationships. Meanwhile, the movie proved the fact that music has a magic to change people. Basically, the story goes around a girl called Maria who was expecting to be a nun in an abbey. All her life changed with the opportunity she got to become a governess of seven children. Those Children and their father were forgotten what is life with the death of their mother. Captain Von Trapp wanted to have a military type life with his family and among his kids. Playing and singing ware prohibited inside the house but Maria could change everything and bring back happiness to the family with music.

With these events finally captain fall in love with Maria, giving the thought that it is going to end up with their wedding but not to be. This movie is not only about the Von Trapp family and its background is gone around the Second World War. Within two hours and 47 minutes, the movie shows how a family should be together in both joy and sympathy.

The movie was based on a book named "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers" where Julie Andrews as Maria and Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp present their Talent in their acting. The most distinguish factor of the movie is that it has been colored with Irwin Kostal’s music which is awesome. The songs of the movie “The Sound of Music” can be enjoyed everywhere and those are rated as best resources for classical music lovers. The movie consists of 27 music tracks and herewith I have attached all the Music clips of the movie and you can download them all by the following the related links.

“ The hills fill my heart… With the sound of music…”

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